Boot up your favorite browser

The first step is to open the following link:

First, you have to log-in. This is for several reasons.

(Please note that the Browser caches your log-in, so you sometimes don't have to log in again)

After the log-in, choose the app which you want to translate.

In this case, let's choose No Man's Sky.

TIPP: You can choose multiple apps at the same time!

Then go to the language tab and chose the language you want to translate to.

In my case, I choose German.

After that, the greyed out boxes underneath will become clickable.


Loads all items in the app, no matter if it was already translated or not.


Loads all items that yet needs to be translated to your selected language.

I highly recommend to only work with untranslated items.

When you scroll down, you can see that new content appeared.

A small overview of what each element does:

In this example, there are no keywords to vote for, but for tutorial purpouses, I will demonstrate how it looks like.

As you can see, there already is a translation.

You can ether vote for the best fitting one or add your own translation.

If you have finished your translation, click "Submit translation".

Then click the arrow to get to the next untranslated item.

If you want to see how much has been translated in total, click on "Stats" in the upper right corner.

You can also see the top translators when scrolling down.

Maybe you will see yourself here one day!